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Affordable Housing

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Tammy’s Survivors to Warriors started with a sole purpose “To help those in need, give a chance to those who seem lost, and  work with other organizations to reach our goals", however, we know we have a lot of work to do to accomplish this mission.

Tammy’s Survivors to Warriors provides help to those who are looking to move forward in order to improve their current situation. Providing more positive influences and programs will help our next generation of children grow and succeed in life. With your help we can make the difference.

Situations of violence, unemployment, drug abuse or mental illness are increasing through time, more and more families have been affected and as the problem remains so does their cycles since children from this environment tend to fall in the same negative behavior.

Many families with different backgrounds have been affected by different types of problems present in today's society.

We need help. Every donation is important  in order to improve the current situation of many families. Help families in need feel joy, hope and love.

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All the donations provided will be reflected on our recipients by delivering:

Heart & Hands
  • Shelter

  • Rehabilitation

  • Financial literacy and additional  Education

  • Affordable Housing

  • Transition Services

  • Home Ownership

Providing these tools will help empower them to become the warriors they need to be in order to live a better life. Our survivors know they now have the support they lacked in the past.



Helping others is in our nature, we are after all a society and as such offering a helping hand to those in need is an act of kindness that will change a person's life giving them a feeling of happiness and optimism. Together we can make a difference.


All of our survivors are grateful and touched by the help provided and now have the opportunity to thrive thanks to the kindness of strangers. Here we will add testimonials, videos and photos of lives changed because of your donations.



If you'd like to hear stories about the lives we've touched, or updates about the new projects we have, plese subscribe because we love sharing good news!

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